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My husband Raul has traveled up and down the Baja Peninsula all his life and during the last 30 years of our marriage so have I with two children in tow since they were toddlers.  To us, a trip down to Mulege or Scorpion Bay is in no way an long and rigorous journey.  We look at it as a time to explore the surrounding of our incrdeible home, the Baja Peninsula, spend time together with family and friends, and to visit amazing sites filled with rich history and pristine beauty.

Last December Raul and I took a trip  into Baja Sur to scout out a 10 day route to offer to our guests in addition to our winter whale watching tour for those who are interested in exploring the natural wonders of Baja, learning more of its fabulous history, and visiting places that are off the grid, unique and truly amazing.

We started from Ensenada, and worked our way down the peninsula where we visited many places we had taken our children to many years ago when they were very young.  The well known surf and camping spot such as famous  Scorpion Bay in San Juanico were a few of these places we visited while on our journey south.

While at Scorpion Bay we camped at a beautiful spot high on the cliffs overlooking the bay.  From there we crossed the Sierra La Giganta in our super, off road camping equipped Toyota that our good friend Jim Berrian gave to us not long ago.  Raul designed a roof top tent for the truck, added a few extras here and there for extra off road terrain durability and off we went!


We spent the first night in Catavina where by luck or coincidence we met off road racing legend Malcolm Smith and his wife Joyce who were also staying in the same hotel.  Malcolm is a childhood hero for Raul who has been affiliated with off road racing most of his life.  Malcolm and Joyce had breakfast with us while we poured over maps, and talked about familiar places on the Baja and people we knew up and down the coast.  It was a great pleausre to meet them.

After leaving Catavina we headed south and spent the next night at San Juanico, Scorpion Bay, a famous surf spot where we used to take our children for camping when they were young.  We spent a peaceful, starry night on the cliffs above the bay.

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Next we headed to the Sierra de la Giganta which extends along the southeastern Baja California Peninsula, parallel and close to the coast of the Gulf of California Sea of Cortez. The highest point is Cerro de la Giganta at 3,858 feet (1,176 m) in elevation, located near Loreto.


Sierra La Giganta



San Jose Comandu

After crossing through the pristine region of the Sierra de la Giganta we came to Loreto where we visited the mission of Loreto, we also visited San Javier both of which are still in use today and were built between 1690-1700’s.


One of the missions we visited. This missionwas in San Jose Comandu and it was buitl in the late 1700’s. This magnificent chruch is still in use today.

While in Loreto we visited the mission plaza which has many side walk restaurants with authentic Mexican food, lots of seafoood for your dining pleasure.  After three days of camping it was nice to stay in a hotel and wash clothes. Once we stocked up on food for the next leg of our journey and gased up we headed back up highway 1 made a quick stop in Mulege for gas and continued on to the Sierra de San Francisco  where the oldest and biggest cave paintings are located on the entire peninsula.

rock paintingsWithin the mountains are the prehistoric rock art pictographs of the Cochimi people, also known as the Rock Paintings of the Sierra de San Francisco.

san francisco

We have this project in the works right now.  We’ll have more information for you on this 10 day excursion into the depths of the Baja for anyone with an adventurous spirit, who likes to camp and explore either by highway or off road the magnificent Baja Peninsula.  More on this exciting adventure is coming soon!  We’ll keep you posted!