La Bellota News September 2015: Planting the Seeds for New Projects and Watching them Grow

As August winds down and September comes into view, I have to admit, I’m very excited about the coming fall season.  We have a few new projects in the works, and I’m looking forward to see how they develop.  One has to do with food, and yes, by the pictures you see here, what I refer to are vegetables, and lots of them, but I’ll save that little hint for a future news letter. And no, this picture isn’t of our garden, but it could be.  🙂

I think after this summer, Raul and I have come to realize July and August doesn’t mean everything comes to a halt.   We knew the heat was a major factor for  slow summers in the past, but this summer has turned out to be quite different.  I don’t think it was nearly as hot at the ranch this year.   Whatever the reason, we were busy all summer long.


Visitors came for the day, or they spent the night, and it was great. We were able to give people an enjoyable place to rest, and relax, while at the same time we kept the ball rolling, and kept right on working.  Raul and I met some wonderful people, we established new friendships, and rekindled some old ones too.

Right now, as of August 27th, we’re off and running once again, head long into the fall, and right on until Christmas.  I’ll be back again later this month with a progress report on MY vegetable vision, which I will explain then.  It’s a goodie, and it’s one I’ve been harping  at Raul about for almost five years.  Finally, I do believe he’s coming around!

Fall is on it’s way, and with it, let’s hope for some cool weather and lots of rain!  The land may look parched, and dusty in some areas, and by the way this is all over the Western United States, and the Baja California Peninsula.  The truth be told,  we’re in a serious drought, and at the moment, there’s seems to be no end in sight.



In general, speaking from my home,and where I live, one thing about Baja California, the land may be rugged, and tough, a little prickly in some areas, and dusty in others, but one of the outstanding, and most beautiful qualities of Baja is that it’s hearty, and it can with stand the rigors of hard weather, and hard times.

As soon as rain begins to fall, and it will, if the El Nino predications are correct, then Baja will bloom, the plants will wake up and revive themselves once again. I can hardly wait to smell the sweetness of sage brush, and with lots of luck, we may even see the river on our property running it’s course down stream, and headed straight into the Guadalupe Valley.

At the ranch, after a good long rain, there’a nothing like going to sleep at night with the sound of a trickling stream to lull you to sleep, or waking up in the morning  with the sound of flowing water, and perhaps a whispy cloud of fog on the hillsides while you sit on our porch with a warm mug of coffee in your hand.

Look out Fall, here we come!

The Unexpected

This past April I had an unexpected dismount from Bellota which left my knee in bad condition. I thought I was fine, you know, nothing broken, no bleeding so I’m good to go.  Wrong.  After a week or so, I could barely walk.  This led to an MRI, and surgery.

Surgery was May 17, and I’m recovering nicely, but this section of the news letter isn’t about my surgery.  It’s about rehab, and what I’ve discovered along the way.

After surgery I sat in bed for 2 months, and on ocasion I hobbled from my bedroom to the kitchen, or the bathroom and that’s it.  Ask me about any Netflix movie you want to, and I ‘ll give you a full synopsis of all of them, but please nothing scary.

I got so bored, and although I was going to physical therapy, and doing my exercises everyday, my spirits started to go downhill because I thought, what if I couldn’t ride anymore?  What if I couldn’t walk again like I used to?

One day, I decided I needed a bike.  I told Raul about my plan to strengthen my knees, and quads, so he bought me this adorable beach cruiser, complete with a cute basket on the front.


I also started walking again.  My leg hurt at first, but this is part of the healing process. So each time I set out, I walked a little further.  When I’m at the ranch I go for walks. I say walks because they’re short, with minimal stress, so it’s not quite a full-fledged hike yet, but I’m getting there.

What a surprise when I discovered nature rehab!  As they say, nature heals.  I found when I had to walk over uneven ground, or step over a rock, or a tree root it did wonders for my leg, and it was great exercise becaue I had to lift my leg, and move it more.  Now I’m walking a lot farther, and my leg is much stronger.  Not quite able to get on a horse yet.  My knee joint is still weak, but I’m practicing wallking up a few stairs now so little by little on I go.  The doctor said it would take a few months for full recovery, and his prognosis was very good.

Raul and Caroline

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball, and when it does, I think, we need to find a way to keep moving forward.  I’ve re-initiated my love of walking in the mountains, and of course my canine campanions are always with me. Rudo, Botete, and Kalua.  Agave won’t leave Raul’s side for a minute so she’s not part of the walking team.

My goal is to heal myself completely, inside and out, and see what develops from there.  The seeds are planted for full recovery, physical conditioning, and good health. Now it’s time to watch them grow!