Rancho La Bellota October News Letter 2014




I think we finally caught a glimpse of fall. If this is true then at long last the hot, dry summer is waving goodbye, and with any luck, we won’t see it again until next year, in 2015.

Last weekend, upon our return from an enjoyable afternoon ride with an art group from San Diego, the wind suddenly picked up, the kind you might feel just before a good rain, and the temperature dropped considerably.

There was a sense of fall in the air. While still on my horse I burst out with, “Now this is the kind of weather I love!”  Such a welcomed, and refreshing difference from the blazing, heat we’ve endured all summer long.

Now that we’ve finally reached the month of October it seems as if the year is truly winding down. Some of you may agree with me on this, but at Rancho La Bellota this is not altogether true.


Laguna San Ignacio Whale Watching Tour, Jan. 21-26, 2015


Our January 21-26, the Laguna San Ignacio Whale whale-wavingWatching Tour is a definite go.  We have only 2 spaces left so if you’re interested in this trip, or have any questions, please email us for a full itinerary, costs, and booking information.  October 15th is the confirmation, and booking deadline.  Contact us at: www.rancholabellota@yahoo.com.

Right now Raul is discussing the details of our trip with the tour operators in San Ignacio to ensure a smooth running program, and experience for all of our guests. That, combined with the natural beauty of Baja California, its history, and the gorgeous Gray Whales are all the principle ingredients for an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Art, Wine, and Horses


easel copy

This year’s spring season was very busy, and took us far into June.  September started off equally so, but now, with the way our calendar reads, it looks like we’re still on the move straight through until December.

As some of you may know we’re facilitating groups from Baja Rancho Art, who organizes plein aire painting, sketching, and photography workshops in combination with horseback riding, and wine tours.

Workshops are planned for October, and November so why not come down to the ranch, cultivate your creative talents, ride horses, and de-stress from the routine work load of city life?

For more information on Baja Rancho Art, contact Ellen Parry, Event Coordinator  at www.BajaRanchoArt.com

Spring 2015

Our spring schedule for 2015 is filling up fast as we continue to see old friends who visit us every year, and new faces down at the ranch.  Raul and I are very grateful to see you all, and as I’ve said so many times before, this is what inspires us to work harder for our guests, and move forward with our dreams.

From far across the pond, our friends from Europe in the Netherlands, and the South of France, who first visited us in 2004, have scheduled two 10 day groups scheduled for April, and May of next year.  Many thanks to Jen Hank Oosting, and Mary Van den Boogaard from Western Ranch Du Haut Languedoc for organizing these trips.  We’re looking forward to more fun, and adventure with all of you again in 2015!

Website upgrade

In case you haven’t visited our website lately, and if you do, you’ll surely notice a significant difference in the overall format.  We’ve just completed a major upgrade to the site, so if you decide to take a look we hope you enjoy the brand new pictures we’ve posted, and updated information.  Make sure you click on Trail Rides: Real Del Castillo, and at the bottom of my journal click on Photograpy by Mary Van den Boogaard, and watch what comes up!

Our blog site has a different look to it too!

Caroline’s Book, “Life a Baja Rancho La Bellota, A Memoir of True Stories

And after years of writing about the many wonderful people we’ve met over the years, and about specific events which have inspired me, and I speak for Raul as well, I’ve decided to put them together in a book called, “Life at Rancho La Bellota, A Memoir of True Stories”

I’m tired of thinking about writing a book about the ranch. It’s time to sit down, and get it done!  It will be available for purchase at the ranch, or on line by the end of October.

The Barn Raising!


Yep, it’s really happening!





Is There a Doctor in the House?


ricky operatingThe best news of this year, is that our son Ricky has graduated from Vet School.  After five, long years of hard work, he did it, and we’re very proud of his achievements, and dedication to his profession.

Ricky was recently hired as a resident vet, and surgeon at Equine Veterinary Specialists Medical Center in Riverside, Ca.  At the same time, he’s currently studying for three big California license, and state board exams, all of which he must complete during this next year.  He’s going for his DVM so he can practice on both sides of the border.

Unfortunately, we don’t see him as often as we’d like too. He’s now working doctor’s hours, which means, on call, 24/7.  When I call his cell phone, I usually get his voice mail, but that’s okay because both Raul, and I know he’s happy, and well on his way.


DSCN1649I’ve included a picture of our dear Agave who recently broke her foreleg after a horse kicked her. If you know Agave, you might also know a broken leg won’t stop her from participating in ranch activities, or chasing coyotes during the night.

Every time I see her jump into the truck on three legs, or as she races across the patio, I cringe as I watch her holding up her leg, cast and all, as she sails along.  Agave is so strong, and so happy when she’s at the ranch. It’s very hard to restrict her from everything, even if the vet said to keep her quiet for 9 weeks.

She’s learned how to keep going in spite of difficulty, and that’s certainly a quality to be admired, but we absolutely put our foot down when it comes to trail rides. No trails for Agave! No matter how much she wants to go!

That’s all for this month. Raul and I wish you all the best, and we hope to see you at the ranch in the near future.

Hasta pronto, and warm Regards!sunset395x318540e0ed52ac52.jpg

Raul, and Caroline






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